Shorten the Distance this Thanksgiving


Connect with your loved ones this holiday season, even if they are far away. A gift this Thanksgiving will show your family and friends that you love them and that you are thinking of them. Here are some gift ideas for those that have a long-distance family!

You can always shorten the distance with flowers! Our florists at Floral Concepts in Sugar Land, TX can help you deliver the perfect flower arrangement to your long-distance family this holiday season. The In Love with Fall Bouquet is great example of a floral arrangement that will travel the distance to say, “I Love You!”

Mugs are a classic way to say, “I Love You!” Send your long-distance family a set of holiday mugs that reminds you of them. Think about some of their favorite hobbies. Wither they love Disney or travel or maybe Star Wars, send them some themed mugs. The options are endless, and they will love this holiday gift!”

Send your long-distance family a great holiday gift this holiday season. This year try a beautiful fruit basket! Your family will love this thoughtful holiday gift! Before, during and after dinner, your family will think of you when they are enjoying the apples and pears.

Living far away from your family can be rough. To make the distance feel shorter send your family a gift for the festivities. If you are looking to deliver flowers, our florist at Floral Concepts in Sugar Land, TX are here to help you find the perfect floral arrangement to express how much you love your family.

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